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We provide expert Oil Tank and Boiler Removal services at an affordable price. We have provided 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 5-Star Service to over 500 satisfied customers in the Ocean State.

$500 Removal

We stand behind our pricing. We do not overcharge or upsell you.

Quick Scheduling

Time is of the essence. We can schedule your removal within 72 hours if necessary.


We will remove the oil tank as well as oil and sludge that is remaining. 

No bulkhead?

With our experience, we have removed tanks from almost every situation.


Our experienced techs will have most jobs done in 90 mins or less.


Our work area will be left broom swept and as neat as when we arrived.

$500 Flat Rate Oil Tank Removal

“Over 500 Satisfied Customers!”

  • Insured!
  • Includes removal of oil tank as well as any oil that may be remaining
  • Breath and fill tubes removed from the foundation
  • Holes in foundation sealed
  • Documentation of proper removal & disposal provided to each customer

Some exclusions apply. Properties 20 miles or more from Providence, RI may have an additional fuel charge of $75. $20 sludge disposal fee (per tank).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike competitors, we are more than happy to display our price proudly on our website and honor that price. In addition, we will never ask you for payment until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the services rendered.  

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Step #1: Inspect heating oil tank for leaks or cracks

Before any work will begin, one of our experienced Oil Tank Removal Techs will visually inspect the tank for leaks or cracks. Only once the area is secure and level of oil has been established will we proceed.

Ensure home heating oil tank is empty

We will not begin the tank removal process until we have ensured there is no oil remaining in the tank.

Step #2: Tank will be Cut in place

Once we have ensured that the tank is empty we will begin the removal process. For oil tanks located in basement or garage we will cover the surrounding prior to removal. If there is carpet present we will over our walkway out of the house.

Cutting the home heating oil tank in place is the safest way to remove it from your property.

Step #3: Residue will be cleaned from the tank

After removing top of the 275 gallon oil tank we will begin to remove all of the hazardous waste from the bottom. When all of the waste has been removed we will clean the oil tank with speedy dry to remove any residue that is stuck to the side.

The most important aspect of any above ground home heating oil tank removal is the proper removal and disposal of the hazardous waste. (i.e. sludge) . We provide disposal receipts for each customer whom requests it.

Fill pipes removed

In accordance with Rhode Island and Massachusetts Law the pipes the oil company would use to fill the home heating oil tank are removed and sealed to avoid a potential oil delivery disaster down the road.

90 minutes later

We will leave the work area broom swept and the Oil Tank Removal Process is complete.

When payment is received you will received Documentation for the Removal & Disposal of the Oil Tank.

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