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Heating Oil Tank in Your Basement?

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Out of an abundance of caution, we are taking safety precautions to ensure our employees and customers are not put at risk during any aspect of our service.  We are wearing protective masks and disposable latex gloves at all times.  While at your home, we will attempt to maintain as little contact as possible with our customers to mitigate any possible risk.

If You Have Any Questions, Comments Or Concerns Please Feel Free To Contact Us At Your Convenience. We Look Forward To The Opportunity To Work With You In The Near Future. Please Stay Safe!


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Affordable Oil Tank Removal MA Jacobs Property Solutions


Full Service Oil Tank Removal MA Jacobs Property Solutions

Full Service Removal

Paperwork Provided Jacobs Property Solutions

Paperwork Provided

Insured Oil Tank Removal Company MA Jacobs Property Solutions


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Half Oil Tank Removal Cost | Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal

Our Home Heating Oil Tank Removal Cost is approximately half our competitors. You may wonder why?

The majority of competitors specialize in HVAC or home heating oil tank to natural gas conversions. Both are clean high paying jobs. Removing an old boiler or old fuel oil tank is a dirty job. If they’re going to get their hands dirty, they’re going to charge accordingly.

Flat Rate Oil Tank Removal Service | Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal

Heating Oil Tank in Basement? No Bulkhead?

It doesn’t matter whether your tank is in a basement, garage, shed or outside. Our oil tank removal cost will be the same.  We will not overcharge you because the tank needs to be cut. Every single oil tank will need to be cut to be disposed of.  If they charge you extra to cut it, it’s a ploy.  In addition to our transparent pricing, we offer a multiple tank or boiler removal discount

Punctual and Reliable Oil Tank Removal Service | Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal

Your time is valuable

At JPS we understand your time is valuable, so we won’t waste it! You will always be able to rely on our punctuality and reliability. Our experience and expertise in oil tank removal & disposal allow us to be extremely efficient and neat. The average removal will take about 90 minutes.

Proper Hazardous Waste Disposal | Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal

All hazardous waste (sludge from oil tank) is disposed of in accordance with state Law. Every oil tank is properly cleaned for disposal before it is loaded into our truck.


Can’t be there? We will send pictures via email or text message of the completed job before we leave the property.

We take particular pride in the efficiency and cleanliness of our service. Your home is your castle and we will treat it as such. In addition to ensuring your home is left in a better condition that we found it, the area will be left broom swept prior to our departure.

Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut

Don’t let our home base in Warwick, RI fool you. We proudly service all of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  As well as portions of Connecticut.  From as far south as Newport, RI to Worcester, MA, and Boston, MA.

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We Do not Remove Underground Oil Tanks

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Home Heating Oil Tank Removal Can Be Expensive, Dangerous and Dirty.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be…

Call a reliable professional with expertise in above ground home heating oil tank removal and cast-iron boiler removal.  Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal is located in Warwick, Rhode Island, just 10 minutes south of Providence, RI.

About Us

Jacobs Property Solutions Oil Tank Removal specializes in Above Ground Home Heating Oil Tank Removal in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

We pride ourselves on providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed Above-Ground 275 gallon Oil Tank Removal & Disposal at a discounted rate. Our Home Heating Oil Tank Removal Cost is substantially lower than average. We do not inflate fees or overbid jobs. We stand behind our work and our guarantee! 

This is why we do not ask for payment until the job is complete.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike other companies, we will give you our heating oil tank removal cost over the phone or by email and STAND BEHIND OUR PRICE! Customer satisfaction is our sole focus from start to finish. We illustrate this by not only providing each customer with a Free No Commitment Quote for our Flat-Rate Heating Oil Tank & Boiler Removal services but by not asking for payment until we are finished and you are pleased with the results.